DreamStar 2.0 Coming Soon!

As promised and indicated in our mission statement the DreamStar Team is dedicated to the continued research and development of new tools to help people achieve lucidity.

In recent months we have been developing an entirely new system that has proven to be quite successful at inducing lucid dreams regardless of your lucid dreaming experience.

Here's a sneak peak at DreamStar 2.0

  • No more sleep mask
  • Connect DS 2.0 to your smart phone, computer, dreamstar.com and social media
  • Review and analyze your sleep data
  • Create your own lucid dream alerts (audio and visual)
  • Sleep cycle alarm clock

Selling Price $99.99 + shipping

As mentioned this is only a sneak peak at DreamStar 2.0, at this time we aren't saying much because the device is still a few months away from being available for sale. Furthermore, we have an exciting launch strategy planned.

Now we need your help. If DreamStar 2.0 interests you please sign up to our mailing list click here and receive a $15 discount at launch ($85 + shipping). A few weeks before official launch you will receive an email with a promotional code. Additionally, you will get to see DreamStar 2.0 before anybody else!

Thank you in advance,
DreamStar Team

DreamStar 2.0 Global Product Testing

The DreamStar team is excited to announce that it is looking for people from around the world to test its latest product DreamStar 2.0. We want people of all ages, ethnicity, gender and lucid dreaming experience to participate. If you are interested, click here and fill out your Lucid Dreamer Profile.

In 2 to 3 months time we will be selecting people at random from different lucid dreaming experience level, contacting you via email and then sending you DreamStar 2.0 free of charge for you to try and provide feedback.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
DreamStar Team

Bloggers/Editors/Radio Stations/Magazines/Newspapers etc..

If you have an audience and you are interested in reviewing DreamStar 2.0 pre-launch, we want to hear from you. Please email us with your contact information at info@dreamstar.com subject: product review.


Interested in selling DreamStar 2.0? Whether you have an online store or physical store we are looking to expand our distribution network. Email us at info@dreamstar.com subject: wholesale.

DreamStar 2.0 - The next step in Lucid Dreaming!

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